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Are you interested in shadowing a physician in the Corvallis/Albany/Philomath area? The Corvallis Clinic is again open to student shadows! They offer ~18 hours of shadowing for each student, oftentimes in your preferred specialty. If you are not currently enrolled in college, mention "MedStaircase" in your application for "Job Shadow - Unaffiliated," as our program has been granted an exception to their current pause on processing such applications. Follow the link, click on the Job Shadow (Affiliated/Unaffiliated) button, and submit your CV today to apply!

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Perfect PAID opportunity for gap year students! Would you like to participate in research committed to improving the health of children in Oregon? Are you organized, flexible, and quick to assimilate new information? Read more here and apply today.

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Providence Health has both an MA training program and a tuition reimbursement program for its employees. That is, if you work full time for Providence for 6+ months, you may be able to attend an MA training program for nearly free! If you're already an MA and are looking for work, please email today to get connected with the Central Hiring Office. Read more for details:

Tuition Reimbursement Benefit

  • For full-time employees (0.75 and higher FTE), Providence will provide reimbursement for tuition, books and specific required course fees up to the maximum of $5,250 in a calendar year. Part-time employees (0.5 to 0.74 FTE) are eligible for up to a maximum reimbursement of $2,625 in a calendar year.

  • Employees are eligible for the tuition benefit after six months of employment.

  • Employees who are working towards/earning their Medical Assistant certification have the option of participating in an immediate tuition reimbursement program. This program allows for eligible costs to be covered immediately instead of waiting until the completion of the course or passing of the certification exam. This program will cover tuition expenses for preparatory courses directly related to Medical Assistant certification, as well as book costs, certification exam fees, and other educational fees directly related to earning a MA certification. This can be applied to a number of MA certification programs, not just University of Providence.

University of Providence MA Program

  • Website:

  • This program is open to both Providence and non-Providence employees and can be completed while working.

  • This hybrid program is 10 months in length. In addition to asynchronous online learning, it has monthly in-person clinical skills labs on Saturdays at a clinic in Beaverton, and a required 160 hour clinical externship.

  • There are two Portland cohorts per year (Spring and Fall).

  • Depending on the timing of the program, all or most of the tuition can be covered by the tuition reimbursement program.

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