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The Brigham Research in Infectious Disease and Global Engagement (BRIDGE) Summer Fellowship Program is a new 8-week summer research experience in infectious diseases and global health for college students and recent college graduates from backgrounds underrepresented in medicine. Each intern participates in a mentored experience in basic science, clinical or translational research.

Project themes varied and spanned the following topics:

  • Bacterial and fungal diagnostic development

  • Pathophysiology of Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)

  • Intersection of HIV and obesity

  • Basic COVID-19 and HIV research

  • Transplant infectious diseases

Interns also participate in a tailored weekly lecture series that includes dedicated learning about the fundamentals of research, career paths in medicine and global public health, and preparation for health careers. The summer experience concludes with a research presentation by each intern, attended by division faculty and peers.

One of the objectives of the BRIDGE program is for mentor-mentee relationships to persist even after the formal internship ends, with ongoing support as mentees pursue postgraduate degrees and job opportunities.

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You can now submit your brief application to be considered for the 2023 Clinical Experience Scholarship. Winners, announced March 24, will be assigned a clinical shadowing experience in Oregon/SW Washington and will receive a $1000 stipend. While the application will be open until January 30, we recommend completing your application TODAY as interview slots are limited, and no interview = no scholarship. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis from January 9 to February 17.

As a reminder, you must also view our Orientation Meeting and take the Post-Meeting Quiz to be considered for an interview. Please ensure you use the same email address for the application and the quiz!

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Did you miss the MedStaircase Clinical Experience Scholarship Orientation Meeting on December 15? Click the link below to view this essential content (Password: BcQMq!6p). In order to apply for our scholarship which opens January 1, you'll also have to take a post-meeting quiz. The quiz is available now, and you can take it before submitting your application.

Please ensure you use the SAME email address for both your application and the quiz.

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